Early Projects

When I attended Carnegie Mellon, I was a member of the Game Creation Society, where I produced a number of games which won GCS’s “Gold” award.


What do you call it when a snake eats more snakes inside another snake… only to become the snake that he is within? Snakeception!

Eat the smaller snakes in order to grow bigger, while watching out for the smaller snakes.

Written in Actionscript with the Flixel engine for Global Game Jame 2011. All art is hand-drawn.

Play it here . May take some time (several minutes) for game to load before you see anything.

Image   Image

Sharon Hoosein: Character art, Level Design
Laura Paoletti: Background art, Character art
Bridget Hogan: Lead Programmer
Andrew Head: Secondary Programmer, sound effects
Ash Narkevic: Music
Rosstin Murphy: Project Manager, Level Design, Supplemental artwork


Completed during the Spring 2012 semester

Recipient of the GCS Gold award.

Dodge enemies, collect treasure, defeat bosses, and be a mermaid.

In this side-scrolling bullet-hell shooter, you play mermaid Gilda Gogo in her adventures with the Merblade. Face life-changing decisions, evade orange circles; what more could you ask for?



  • For Windows Max OS X Linux | Uploaded on 2012-07-21 | Download


Project Members

  • Alicia Carrion – Cutscene Art
  • Ash Narkevic – Music and Dialogue
  • Daniel Belchamber – Level Design
  • Emily So – Character Art
  • Evan Shimizu – Game Design
  • Jackson Lane – Boss Design, Programming
  • Jennifer Lee – Enemy Art
  • Joel Simon – Programming
  • Katie Chironis – Voice of Gilda Gogo
  • Katie Nestor – Background Art
  • Rosstin Murphy – Team Leader, Voice of Simeon Sterling, Level Design
  • Sharon Hoosein – Original Concept, Monster Art, Voice of Jackfish Jade
  • Stephen Bly – Programming


September 2012 – December 2012                           GCS Gold Winner

Welcome to Outfit Swap, the game where you move up the social ladder by swapping outfits with people. President Connor has enacted the One-Man-One-Outfit policy, which outlaws people from changing outfits. However, you are dissatisfied as a Burger-Flipper in BcDonald’s and decide to rebel. Other characters are also secretly dissatisfied with their roles and will switch with you if they like yours better. The goal is to work your way up to become the President of the United States. Good Luck!



How to Play

Moving – Click and Drag the mouse to move around. If you run into a green arrow, you will move into a different part of the game.

Talking – Move next to a character to see what he/she has to say.

Swapping – If a character wishes to swap outfits with you, the swap button will light up. Click on the swap button in order to switch outfits with that person!


Your character always has a red circle around its feet so that you always know who you are. If you encounter any problems, please refer to the How to Play section above. There is more than one way to beat the game, but I will provide a walkthrough for a few early swaps in one of the paths.

Burger-Flipper You: You start off as a Burger-Flipper working in BcDonald’s. Try moving around and into characters to get a handle on the game. You can explore any area of the map, but a possible first swap is in this building. Move next to the Hobo in BcDonald’s (he is across the counter near the middle of the map). When you get close enough to him, a dialogue bubble should pop up saying “Count yourself lucky! Ever since I got stuck with this outfit, nobody will even hire me.” Click on the red-and-orange Swap button to switch outfits with Hobo Ozzie. You are now a Hobo!

Hobo You: If you talked with other people in the game as a Burger-Flipper, you may find that some people respond to you differently when you are a Hobo. Your next swap is with Hipster Virgil, who is also in BcDonald’s, in the top right of the restaurant. Click on his dialogue to get the option to Swap with him. Click the Swap button, and you are now a Hipster!

Hipster You: If you haven’t already, it is time to go to The Great Outdoors! Move to the bottom right part of BcDonald’s, and you should see a green arrow labeled “To outside”. Move onto that arrow and you will find yourself in the The Great Outdoors map. Go talk to Protester Sky and Swap as before. You are now a Protester!

Protester You: Go Swap with Mime Gabby, and you are now a Mime!

Mime You: Move towards the movie set, and you should see Movie-Star Stella. If you talk to her, she will Swap with you. You are now a Movie-Star!

You’ve made a start on your path to President! Good luck on finding the rest of your way up to the top of the social ladder!



Rosstin – Producer and Project Manager
Daniel Belchamber – Senior Design
Kim Lister – Dialogue
Connor Fallon – Design
J Dinerman – Design
Sharon Hoosein – Early Concept Development
Leon Zhang – Senior Programming
James Grugett – Programming
Cory Chang – Programming
Xing Xu – Programming
Joel Simon – Programming
Tom Ndiaye – Character Art
Dave Yan – Character Art
Jessica Cui – Background Art
Emily So – Background Art
Patrick Mead – Music


Grid 12 is a Flash MMO by Realm of the Mad God co-creator Rob Shillingsburg. If you grab a key you can play the closed alpha here:


I did concept art for Grid 12 when it was still in the concept phase.

First two images are animated– click to view animations.







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