MONSTR: Tinder For Monsters

MONSTR: Tinder For Monsters is out! Check it out! Live on the iPhone store!

Me and some of my buddies at PLUS ULTRA put together a very silly “Tinder Simulator” which we are releasing for free on the app store this Halloween. It’s a humorous game that recreates the look and feel of Tinder, and is filled with wry observations from online dating, with a monstrous twist.

We built the original game for a Ludum Dare a few months ago. This phone version of the game contains ~38 profiles for various monsters.

Click on any of the below screenshots to get to the iTunes Store link. You can also find it on iOS by doing a search for: Monstr Rosstin

KigwnPAtinyshots_0007_Background-copy tinyshots_0003_Layer-4 tinyshots_0005_Layer-2 tinyshots_0000_Layer-7 tinyshots_0002_Layer-5 tinyshots_0004_Layer-3 tinyshots_0001_Layer-6 cthul swipes2 swipes3 horn

2 thoughts on “MONSTR: Tinder For Monsters

  1. Will the game be available on android? :( It looks so fun and interesting but unfortunately I don’t own iphone..

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