Kitty Love

Title Screen

Kitty Love is a visual novel about Beau, a gay catboy who is trying to date two boys at once. He really screws it up with both of them when he runs into the two of them in the same coffee shop! Can Beau earn back the love of Shane or Colt, or will he die forever alone?

Shane's DogDrama!Confrontation!Romance!

*Two hot boys! 6 hot endings!
*Mouth to mouth!
*Dreamy soundtrack!

Script written by Ash Narkevic
Paperdolls drawn by Anabelle Lee
Cutscenes drawn by Lilin Tan
Music and Programming by Andrew Head
Produced and Programmed by Rosstin Murphy

Donate 2 dollars, or download free for Windows, Mac, or Linux.


40 thoughts on “Kitty Love

  1. walkthrough for all the endings please?
    I’ve got two CGs left that no matter what i do im not getting it

    • CG 1 – Reject both Shane and Colt by your own choice.
      CG 2 – Go steady with Colt
      CG 3 – Go steady with Shane
      CG 4 – (this is a really tough one) In the flashback, make Shane “aloof” rather than affectionate, and make Colt “reserved” rather than playful. Then trigger the flags “Colt Exclusivity”, “Shane Exclusivity”, and “Shane Likes Colt” to drive your lovers into eachothers’ arms.
      CG 5 – unlocked by playing
      CG 6 – (another tough one) In the flashback, make Shane “affectionate” rather than aloof, and make Colt “playful” rather than reserved. Trigger the flags “Colt Thinking” and “Colt Open-Minded” when you confront Colt. Also trigger “Shane Open-Minded” and “Shane Likes Colt” when you confront Shane. Then chase after Colt and reason with him on the last day.
      CG 7 – unlocked by playing
      CG 8 – Fail to get either boy by being careless.

      • i like what im hearing, is there a way we could discuss something, i have some ideas, that may not fit, or that may , id like to share some and see if we could make something of them, and id have no problem writing something for your story line if i have some parameters

    • Why hello there! My apologies for a late reply, I was pulling an all-nighter coding another game. ;-D

      So, getting Colt Open-Minded… when you’re having “The Talk” with Colt, and he asks you who you want to be with, tell him “Hold on…”. From there tell him “Maybe I want to keep seeing both of you” and then “Give it a chance!” and then “That doesn’t mean there’s no ‘us'”. That should do it!!

      If you’re trying to get both boys at once, keep in mind that how you treat them in the flashback is important… you want Colt to be Playful and Shane to be Affectionate, and you want to tell Shane about how great a guy Colt is to trigger “Shane likes Colt.”

  2. Could you please give a walkthrough of the flash-back part? I seriously can’t put Shane in the affectionate mood, and I haven’t even tried Colt’s path yet! Really, I’m stuck – it would be nice if you just

    • Gosh XD I just needed to end the game one time, and it was all done – how stupid am I? x) I cancel my request for a walkthrough :s Sorry for the trouble.

  3. Haha, I tried the game yesterday, and couldn`t stop playing it :D I really love it! There are just 2 endings I haven`t figured out yet, but this replies are gonna help me, as I think ;) great job!

  4. hi! yeah i’m really loving the game but i always kept getting the bad ending when i want to get both of them….i can’t seemed to get shane to affection or colt to be reserved! hope ya can help….

  5. Hail, Anonymous! You can look in the status screen to see personality levels after you beat the game once, then you can use trial and error in the flashback scene to see which options make a character aloof, playful, etc.

    Ginsenshi. I agree with you that we need to work harder to produce good options for sighted and unsighted people, especially in the visual novel market which has so much potential to be open to unsighted people. I’m sorry Kitty Love wasn’t able to meet that demand– I hope we can do better in the future.

  6. I have played through this game alot, and i still can figure out what endings are the unlockable ones… I think i got all of them. >///////<

    • I think there are 8 total CGs, so if you’ve got all of them, it means you have all the endings.

  7. The hardest ones to get are CG4 and CG6, which are the “Colt and Shane” get together and “Poly” endings respectively. I’m a fan of the Colt+Shane ending myself.

  8. CG 4 Is impossible! Can someone tell me how to get the Exclusivity endings for both so they end up together? Thanks for the awesome game though! Is there anywhere I can get notified if you make any future games?

    • Hello Rebz!

      Make sure to make Shane ‘aloof’ and Colt ‘reserved’ in the flashback sequences. Then, when you’re talking to Shane about Colt, remember to tell Shane how sexy Colt is to trigger the ‘Shane likes Colt’ flag. Finally, when you’re trying to get back together with the two boys, tell both of them that you want to be exclusive. That should be what it takes to drive them into eachothers’ arms!

      Our next game, Queen At Arms, is in development right now! Check out our Facebook page for it!
      It features a cross-dressing princess and hot boys, and the best art I’ve ever seen from my team.

    • What’s giving you trouble? Downloading it, or playing the game?

      If you’re having trouble downloading it, you’re probably just struggling with the interface of Google Drive. Don’t worry, it’s possible to download.

      Click the orange “Download From Google Docs” link. Then click Then in the lower-right-hand corner there is a grey arrow, click that. Then you’ll get a virus warning. Click “download anyway.”

  9. >.< I really the game but how do u download it from google docs all it does is make me go through all the files in it QAQ im new to downloading so if this is a simple problem sorry. ;-;

  10. Sorry, never mind, figured out on my own. I really need to look at my screen more sorry for deh trouble. ;-;

    • It’s alright, Google Docs can be a pain sometimes! We’re going to host Queen At Arms more professionally soon, and whatever we do with Queen we’ll probably do with Queer Catboy as well, so the file hosting should be more transparent and easier to use next time around.

  11. if you dont mind me asking, how did you make this game? I’ve seen a couple of fan-made games in this format so im wondering if there is a program to make these type of games myself? Thank you!

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